DDM, a dynamic company which operates internationally in the field of dismantling, demolition, relocation of complete plants, transport, and asbestos removal. In addition, the company is also recruiting professionals for the offshore industry.

Lumina Geophysical is a service company that provides geophysical solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. Lumina offers unique tools for Quantitative Interpretation, allowing its clients to extract more information from geophysical data. Lumina has developed the 2nd generation of seismic enhancement tools based on spectral decomposition and inversion techniques mastered by Castagna over the years. Lumina is currently focusing on the unconventional plays in the United States, while also applying its integrated geophysical solutions to a wide variety of geographical areas.

VeruTEK is a chemical company that develops innovative, high-performing products for the Environmental and Oil & Gas Industries. VeruTEK specializes in plant-based chemistry to deliver advanced solutions that destroy environmental contaminants in place, increase oil well production and break difficult oil/water emulsions. VeruTEK’s product development effort in both the Environmental and Oil & Gas fields has led to an advanced understanding of oil/water mixtures and their interaction with plant based surfactants. The Company will continue to leverage its Green Chemistry expertise and partnerships institutions to provide the most advanced solutions to the Environmental and Energy Industries.